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Adobe Photoshop CS2

Adobe Photoshop CS2... Web Professionals Need to Know It!
Adobe Photoshop CS2 delivers, powerful, industry-standard image-editing tools for professional designers who want to produce sophisticated graphics for the Web and for print. This graphic design program remains the leader in its category, offering the greatest functionality in terms of overall features and intuitive control. Designers can use it to do just about anything... anything from simple photo retouching to the development of exciting original creations.

Photographers Love It!
Photographers will love to know that their workflow, quality of photos and more have been greatly improved with the following new features:
* Camera raw workflow enhancements
* Timesaving file handling with Adobe Bridge
* Revolutionary Vanishing Point
* Spot Healing Brush
* Advanced noise reduction
* Optical lens correction
* Smart Sharpen
* Customizable workspaces and menus
* 32-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) support
* One-click red-eye correction

Film & Video Use
Photoshop CS2 has reached higher ground and is now also recognized as the essential tool for images editing storyboarding, pre-visualization, frame editting, matte, painting, compositing, title design and more. CS2 make it easy to intetegrate film images with other still and moving image applications.

Discounted Prices on Adobe Photoshop CS2
Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Windowsicon
Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Mac icon

Students & Teacher Discounts on Adobe Software

Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Only $299.98
Adobe Creative Suite 2 for Only $378.98

Photoshop Tips, Tutorials & FREE Downloads
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Adobe Photoshop CS2 Free Download

Try Photoshop CS2 free for 30 days and see why Adobe Photoshop continues to be the world-standard image-editing solution.

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Tons More Tips, Tricks & Tutorials

Here you'll find tutorials on Photoshop tools, Web graphics, photo correction and more. Some of these tutorials are in video!

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Free Download
Adobe Photoshop CS Tutorials
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Tutorials on Using Effects
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Master the Text Tool in Photoshop
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